Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Collage of the Poconos Return

Photography by Paparazzi Paul.

A gathering of Art Lovers emigrating from the far reaches of Monroe County, PA filled the Dunning Art Gallery on Thursday June 23rd to partake of the Artists' Reception for their 2nd Annual Pocono Art Collage Exhibition. The gallery is located within The Monroe Campus of Northampton Community College in Tannersville PA's Keystone Hall. The incredible work that adorned its walls were created by the Members of The Pocono Arts Council, the Pocono Mountain Arts Council, the Pocono Mountain Arts Group, the Pocono Painters, the Pocono Photography Club, and the Pocono Watercolor Associates.

The vast gallery proved not only to be an ample space to house the enormous number of pieces presented in the exhibit but it also served as a home to the imagination the work inspired within each member of the gathering. The variety of the framed images ranged from stunning pictorials to introspective depictions of individuals and singular objects. These images reflected the wonderful talent that dwells in the county as demonstrated through each individual artist's unique approach to his/her aesthetic endeavors.

After some time, Dean Matthew J. Connell took his place at the podium to welcome all who attended the event as well as expressing his appreciative comments for the artists and the groups they belonged to for sharing their talents with the campus. Dean Connell also spoke of the aspirations of the gallery to offer the venue as a haven for the local art community and on how the campus seeks to become an environmentally friendly institution by leaving an imprint as small as possible on the landscape. In addition to this, Dean Connell expressed his appreciation to the gallery's curator, Tom Shillea, for his part in putting the exhibit together. He concluded his words by inviting Laura Goss (Executive Director of the Pocono Arts Council) to share her sentiments with the gathering. She did so by expressing her thanks to the college for housing the work and sharing news of some upcoming events the group she represented was planning to present.

After Ms. Goss completed her statements, the members of the gathering continued their conversations while they lingered among the beauty and profundity found throughout the gallery. The 2nd Annual Pocono Arts Collage Exhibition is scheduled to be on display in the Dunning Gallery which is located in The Monroe Campus of Northampton Community College in Tannersville PA's Keystone Hall until September 2nd. Their next show will be their 2016-2017 Annual Humanities Themed Exhibition titled, “Flying Free: Birds and the Human Spirit” which will be on display from September 19th until January 13th. The Deadline for submissions is July 15th. In the meantime, you'll find more photographs taken during the 2nd Annual Pocono Arts Collage Artists' Reception in The Collage of the Poconos Return Gallery at

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