Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Poetic Voices Honors a Quieted One

Photography by Paparazzi Paul.

On a hot pre-Summer's night, The Origins Gallery in Stroudsburg, PA opened their doors to the cooling sensations of poetry on Saturday June 11th. Members of the local Poetry known as “Support Your Local Poet – Hooray (SYLP-H)” met to pay tribute to one of their numbers, Margaret Buser, who passed away on June 9th 2013. This was done through readings of their original works, the words Ms. Buser had left behind, and music. The program was titled, “Art Through Speaking” and was part of the gallery's Below the Surface: An Arts Experience Series.

The evening began as the gallery's Director, Jody Singer, shared his welcoming words which included reflections on his initiation and continuing involvement in the arts. An account of the early days of a gallery Mr. Singer began in the 1990s known as “Hands in Art” to the present endeavors of The Origins Gallery was told. Although the names and locations have changed throughout the decades, the love embodied in Mr. Singer's endeavors to encourage and support the art found within each soul remains constant. This was demonstrated as Mr. Singer shared news of upcoming art related events scheduled to take place within the gallery as well as those occurring throughout the artistic community as a whole. Mr. Singer concluded his words by introducing Mike Wetmore who was one of the founders of SYLP-H and presented the event.

Mr. Wetmore welcomed the gathering and proceeded to share his recollections of how SYLP-H began along with the achievements the group accomplished during its time before becoming inactive. However, a hope was expressed that the evening's tribute to Ms. Buser would initiate a reemergence of the group and all it has to offer the poetic community. It was after these sentiment did Mr. Wetmore share his well structured and thoughtful poetry before introducing the featured poets.

The first of these poets was Joe Landolfa (aka The Incense Guy www.theincenseguy.com) whose flowing words summoned the nature of all things as they moved among the clouds that gently floated across the skies of our souls. He was followed by Poet Rick Gaeta whose words brought the howls of the natural world to the forest of gatherers while reflecting upon the bygone days with a tour de force of the secret meanings of phrases that lead to harmonic conclusions. Mr. Gaeta was followed by Paul Adam Smeltz (yeah, that's me) who shared some decent poems with the group.

It was after each of the featured poets read twice did they read some of the words written by Margaret Buser. Mr. Landolfa's recitation revealed the gentleness of her words that originated from a bygone heart. He was followed by Mike Wetmore and Rick Gaeta who shared Ms. Buser's words in a dialog uttered between the beatings of a heart. The completion of these renderings began the musical portion of the evening.

The first performer was Rick Gaeta and his Steel Guitar who shared songs that reached the essence the Universe while sowing the seeds of trying everything once. He was followed by Folk Guitarist Jimmy Cogan who sang old songs he recently learned while feeling Sympathy for the Devil. This was followed by the evening's open mic in which the members of the audience were invited to share their talents.

The first of these was poet Gillian Reinartz whose language blended their meanings together until they were translated by our dreams. She was followed by John who could be seen as a regular at the Sherman Showcase's Open Mic Nites. He rendered an A Capella rendition of a Musical Theatre composition that captured the haunting aspect of the piece. He was followed by Jimmy Cogan whose poetry spoke to the importance of living our lives beyond the death of Jesus. He was followed by Joe Landolfa, Mike Wetmore, and Rick Gaeta who shared more poetry with the gathering.

It was after these performances did Professor Michael Kessler and his guitar take the stage. Mr. Kessler rendered his songs with a yearning voice that sought out the child embodied in the light of day radiating from within. Mr. Kessler was followed by the return of Mike Wetmore who shared news of upcoming events he's associated with. One being the annual Blooms Day event to be held at the Hideaway Lounge in Stroudsburg, PA www.thehideawaypa.com on Thursday June 16th. The day is a commemoration of the novel titled, “Ulysses” which was written in 1922 by James Augustine Aloysius Joyce (February 2nd 1882 to January 13th 1941). The events in the book takes place on June 16th and its narrative embodies a number of contrasting literary styles with the stream of consciousness technique being most prominent.

It was at this point did Mr. Wetmore invite members of the audience to come upon the stage to share in a reading of a poem written by Margaret Buser. This call was answered by Joe Landolfa, Jody Singer, Jimmy Cogan, Gillian Reinartz, and Paul Adam Smeltz (yeah, that's still me). Each participant read one verse of the piece and this was followed by the appearance of Brad who shared a poem he wrote during the event that was inspired by it. The final echoes of his words brought the evening to its conclusion and heartfelt adieus were shared among those who departed from the gallery. You can view photographs taken during the Art Through Speaking event in The Poetic Voices Honors a Quieted One Gallery at www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10154945034713761.1073741977.91146283760&type=3.

The Art Through Speaking event held at The Origins Gallery in Stroudsburg, PA is part of their Below the Surface: An Arts Experience Series. The gallery hosts a number of series including their InspIrArt Series, their Last Minute Monday Series, and their Underground Series. The venue also presents art exhibitions. Their current Incongruous Juxtapositions Exhibition will be on display until June 15th. Their next show will be their Photography and Cover to Cover V Exhibition featuring a competition to determine what image will appear on the cover of The Forwardian Arts Society Literary and Arts Magazine 12th Issue. The Artists' Reception is scheduled for Saturday June 18th beginning at 6pm. All artists are invited to participate. The drop off dates are June 15th and 16th. They are quite enjoyable and we hope to see you at many of them. You can learn more about The Origins Gallery and view images and videos of the event taken by members of their staff and others by exploring their Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/OriginsGalleryStroudsburg or their Website at www.originsgallery.org.

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