Wednesday, April 27, 2016

An OMN Beyond Our Control

Photography by Paparazzi Paul.

I arrived a bit later that usual to The Sherman Theater's Living Room (which was recently renamed “The Sherman Showcase”) in Stroudsburg, PA on Sunday April 24th for another installment of their weekly Open Mic Nite Series. The venue was packed with people who were enjoying the talents of the first performer who was a pianist named, “Andrew T. Miles.” He was a new comer to the series and rendered a number of Jazz and experimental compositions that pleased the audience. He was followed by a crowd favorite known as Brad who, in spite of several technical difficulties, moved the gathering through his dance routine to such an extent that when, the audio ceased working, they compensated for the by rhythmically clapping their hands.

Brad was followed by comedian Tommy Stone who shared several topics which included getting Lei (a garland or wreath) in Hawaii as compared to getting laid, friends who are pussy whipped, Preteen Boners, and old films from the 1990's. He was followed by Harmonicist Emmitt who shared a number of his older compositions which included a tribute to a coffeehouse that existed several years about and known as “The Cheeky Monkey.” Emmitt was followed by the appearance of A. P. (aka Andrew Paul) who once served as an Emcee several years ago at the event before leaving to raise a family. His presence was a joyous occurrence to be experienced as he shared his love for the series while the next performers were preparing themselves to be introduced which A. P did.

The band known as, “Darling Creeps” rocked the room as they electrified the gathering with a centrifugal force that had everyone who were penetrated by the music and voice of the lead singer, Hannah Gernand, spinning out of control in ecstasy. Along with Ms. Gernand, the band's membership consisted of Carmelo Risquet along with Chris and Mike Iasiello. It was revealed that one of the band members of Darling Creeps is related to a band member of the evening's featured band. This led to A. P. taking the stage once again in order to introduce them to the eagerly awaiting audience.

The featured performer for the evening was the band known as “Wait for the Day.” They continued the kick ass rock sensations began by their friends and relative in Darling Creeps. Their music resonated through each vibrational frontier embodied in the soul in spite of several technical difficulties they encountered during their set. The band is from Henryville, PA and consists of Frank Belfiore, Jake Czarnecki, Connor Quick, Anthony Staiano, and Rob Staiano. As Wait for the Day concluded, they were asked to give an encore which they gladly provided. They stated afterwards this was the first time such a request came their way. It was also true that this was the first time the audience of the venue requested one. You can learn more about Wait for the Day by exploring their Facebook Page at or their Website at

After the performance of Wait for the Day concluded, a member of the band partook in the venue's custom in helping the event's co-host, Theresa Ratliff, select a ticket to determine who would win the night's raffle. The winner received two tickets to The Sherman Showcase's upcoming Open Mic All Stars Show scheduled to take place on Friday May 20th beginning at 7pm. It was amidst the congratulatory sentiments expressed by the band and denizens to the winner did a break ensue. This afforded an opportunity for the gathering to share the perceptions of their experiences with one another before the next performer took the stage.

A duo known as “Zephyr Starship” were new comers to the venue, consisting of Kevin Benoit on Drums and Gregory Benoit on Guitar and Vocals, who perforated the audience's astro-projected dreams with their musicalities. They were followed by the appearance of co-host, Satilia Rose (aka Tilly), on stage who proceeded to introduce the duet known as Woodrow who consists of Theresa Ratliff on Vocals and Brian Bramkamp on Guitar sharing songs that paid special tributes to Prince Rogers Nelson aka Prince (June 7, 1958 – April 21, 2016) and Merle Ronald Haggard (April 6, 1937 - April 6, 2016). Woodrow was followed by John who announced he passed the auditions to become a part of an internship program offered by The Shawnee Playhouse in Shawnee on Delaware, PA after which he sang the song “The Trap” from the musical titled, “The Addams Family” along with a piece from the musical “Les Misérables.”

John was followed by Guitarist Joe Craig who delighted the audience with his friendly and thoughtful renderings that filled the heart with smiles. He was followed by a guitarist know as Stephan who sang a series of songs that touched upon the essence of humanity. Stephan was followed by Wilbium who concluded the evening by leading the gathering in a pied pipered dance through the mountains of their lives outside the experiences of everyday existence and into the caves of dreams that are inspired by their dance. It was after Wilbium performance were the bidding of farewells shared by the company who departed the venue in order to eagerly await the next Open Mic Nite to occur.

The next Open Mic Nite is scheduled to take place on Sunday May 1st beginning at 7pm with sign ins beginning at 6:30pm. The featured performer for the evening will be The Foxfires. Musicians, poets, writers, and anyone who would like to share something with a receptive audience are welcomed to do so. In the meantime, you'll be able to view the photographs we took during the Sunday April 24th event in The “An OMN Beyond Our Control" Gallery at

The Sherman Showcase (formally known as The Sherman Theater's Living Room) is located at 522 Main Street in Stroudsburg, PA. You'll be able to view additional photographs taken during installments of their Open Mic Nites Series by their staff along with videos taken of interviews with the featured artists and the performances of some who attended the event on their Facebook Page. In addition to their Open Mic Nites Series, the venue also holds a number of concerts and special events. Please Explore The Sherman Showcase's Facebook Page at, The Sherman Theater's Website at, or call 570-421-2808 for more information.

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