Saturday, April 23, 2016

A Showcase is Born

Photography by Paparazzi Paul.

The Sherman Theater Living Room in Stroudsburg, PA has undergone a number of changes in 2016. These included a new floor, new colors painted on the walls, the installation of a permanent stage, and tables with stools. The transformation from it's lounge d├ęcor and feel experienced another phase as the venue held a grand opening on Thursday April 21st debuting as The Sherman Showcase. A great number of community members attended the event with many commenting on the interior attributes which were met favorably by the crowd.

After the attendees spent some time in conversation with their friends over a glass or two of beverages, the Grand Opening event began with a ribbon cutting ceremony. Members of the Sherman Theater Staff and the town's Mayor, Tarah Probst, took their places in order to do the deed that would symbolically initiate the welcoming invitation to those who would pass through The Sherman Showcase's doors. The ceremony was recorded by BRCTV which is a local television station located in Lehighton, PA.

It was after this did the gathering return to the venue's interiors to resume chatting with their friends, munching on the cuisine the establishment provided, and to enjoy the performances that were about to begin. It wasn't long before The Sherman Theater's Executive Director, Richard Berkowitz, took the stage to share his welcoming remarks with the audience and to introduce the first of the many performers who would bless the stage. A crescendo of anticipation built to fever pitch as the musicians made their way to the front of the room.

From the very first moments they stepped foot on stage, Joey and The T-Birds roused the audience with their songs that touched upon all of the aspects that is associated with the classic rock era of the 1950s and early 60s. Their renderings and faithful interpretations of the songs they shared resonated in the hearts and souls of all who recognized the soundtrack of their lives. Joey and The T-Birds consists of Joey Romagno, Robbie Romagno, Michael McNeely, Charlie Pastorelli, Jim Hummel, and Tim Zappa. Together, they have performed over thirty years as they continue in their endeavors in “keeping real music alive.” You can learn more about Joey and the T-Birds by exploring their Facebook Page at or their Website at

At the completion of their performance, Joey and The T-Birds were followed by Porter and Sayles who consists of Christian Porter and Regina Sayles. The duo's presence on stage charged the venue with an energy of such magnitude that it proved to be a contagion to all who were touched by it. They performed a number of songs established by other artists along with original compositions which often out shown the qualities of the better known pieces. This was especially true of some of their songs that lifted phrases or musical signatures from other works. In doing so, the original songs they sampled were truly lifted to an extraordinary height as their qualities were enhanced by the duo's decision to include them in their innovations. This was further enhanced by their Sirenic voices that had the ability to guide those fortunate enough to hear them toward a place within that is filled with joy and contemplation. You can learn more about Porter and Sayles by exploring their Facebook Page at or their Website at

Porter and Sayles were followed by Schmidtwood Flow which consists of Bryan Schmidt, Jon Kirkwood, Jason Eske, and Skip Derick. They began their set with some classic Rolling Stones tunes which enticed the audience enough to be drawn into the subtle mysteries embodied in the songs they subsequently performed. An uncanny recipe of gentleness and severity mingled the properties of their songs' ingredients until a cuisine was created that fed the souls of all who were touched by each composition's attributes. You can learn more about Schmidtwood Flow by contacting Bryan Schmidt at

It was after Schmidtwood Flow's performance that a raffle was held with members of the band helping to select the winning tickets. A number of prizes were given out until the final item was gratefully embraced by the holder of the lucky ticket. Farewells were shared as a pondering silence filled the room as the company began their endeavors to depart from the venue while taking the meaningful memories of the night with them. You'll find more photographs taken during the Grand Opening in the A Showcase is Born Gallery at

The New Sherman Showcase (formally the Sherman Theater's Living Room) is located at 522 Main Street in Stroudsburg, PA which is next door to the Sherman Theater. The Sherman Showcase is the much smaller space than the Sherman Theater and has roughly a 100 person capacity. The newly designed facilities will serve as a listening room while housing small concert performances and pre parties, meet and greets, open mic nights, and more.

The next event to be held at The Sherman Showcase will be an installment of their Open Mic Nite Series which is scheduled to take place every Sunday evening beginning at 7pm with sign ins beginning at 6:30pm. Musicians, poets, writers, and anyone who would like to share something with a receptive audience are welcomed to participate in their Open Mic Nites Series. Their next concert will be Cash'd Out: A Tribute to Johnny Cash scheduled for Tuesday April 26th. You can learn more by exploring The Sherman Theater's Facebook Page at or their Website at

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