Friday, June 20, 2014

Let’s Dutot by The River

The Antoine Dutot Museum and Gallery in Delaware Water Gap, PA held an Artists’ Reception on Friday June 13th for “The Riv11 - The Delaware River - A Big Picture” Exhibition featuring the work of a variety of artists. The exhibition is an annual event inviting area artists to share their unique vision and interpretation of the Delaware River which runs from the town of Jefferson, NY into the Delaware Bay near Philadelphia, PA before entering the Atlantic ocean. It is the largest river near the eastern coastline of the United States.

A gentle flow of art lovers trickled into the gallery like the rain drops that fell from the day’s sky. A sizable pool of concentrated thoughts was created as each work and its qualities were awash in their explorations. The aesthetically enhanced nature of the inspired conversations reflected the joy one feels while experiencing the intricacies of a babbling brook as each piece presented in the show revealed the artist’s love for the river while immersing the viewer in its beauty and profundity. These aquatic elements enticed the imagination as the stories they conveyed could become keepsakes in the everlasting realms of memory.

Yet, as captivating as these depictions of the mighty Delaware River were, a great deal of attention was given to the very young artists whose work created under the instruction of Jill Swersie were on display. The already astounding exhibit was enhanced by their creative injections of youthful exuberance that were emitted through the uncanny nature of their newly discovered abilities. There were a number of innovatively inventive aspects embodied in some of the pieces which indicated the list of things one can not do as an artist had not as yet been fully developed. A special exhibit featuring the work of children ages 6 - 16 titled, “The Riv-Kids Art Show” will be on display at The Historic Castle Inn in Delaware Water Gap, PA on June 28th and 29th during the town’s Founder’s Day Celebration.

As was with the work presented, the Artists’ Reception for The Riv11 - The Delaware River - A Big Picture exhibition filled the souls of those who came to experience it with a variety of sensations ranging from a deep reverence for the life changing qualities of the river to a exploratory frivolity of getting one’s feet wet just to see what the water is like. The work presented in the exhibition reflected the many variant tides of the Delaware River as well as those found throughout our lives thus making it an enjoyable and meaningful one to visit. The exhibition will be on display at the gallery until June 29th. You’ll find more photographs taken during the Reception in The Dutot 2014 Gallery at

The Riv11 - The Delaware River - A Big Picture exhibition is part of an annual event created by the Delaware River Project who encourages attendees to the exhibit to explore the Delaware River through multiple artistic perspectives. Since its beginning in 2003, The Delaware River - A Big Picture has showcased the works of local and regional fine artists, poets, and musicians through a series of events dedicated to the river. You can learn more about the Delaware River Project and view images presented in previous exhibitions by visiting their website at

A book titled, “So the River flows…. Voices from the Delaware” is inspired by the exhibition. It is an anthology of the history, art, science, and recreation associated with the Delaware River. The book will be available during the 2014 Christmas season at where one can sign up to be notified of its availability.

The Antoine Dutot Museum and Gallery originated as a brick school house built c. 1850 by Antoine Dutot who founded the town of Dutotsville before it was renamed to Delaware Water Gap, PA. In addition to the exhibitions presented at the gallery, the museum offers tours and educational opportunities for those who would like to learn more about the area. Their next exhibition will be for their Women’s Show beginning with an Artists’ Reception on Friday July 4th and will continue to be displayed until July 20th. Please Explore The Antoine Dutot Museum and Gallery Facebook Page at for more information.

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