Tuesday, July 01, 2008

“Zeitgeist” at the Playhouse

The Shawnee Playhouse* in Shawnee on the Delaware, PA hosted a presentation of the film entitled, “Zeitgeist” on Monday June 30th which is a documentary produced by Peter Joseph to inspire it audience to look at their world in a new way by discovering the origins of the many things we take for granted. The film did this in three parts.

The first part was entitled “The Greatest Story Ever Told” detailing what the filmmaker saw as myths surrounding Christianity and how it is closely related to other ancient religions and astrology. The second part was entitled, “All The World’s a Stage” exploring how, the filmmaker saw it, the modern political landscape in the United States became as it is today. The third part of the film was entitled, “Don’t Mind the Men Behind the Curtain” relaying how, as the filmmaker saw it, the US Banking Industry controlled and manipulated devastating historical events and still do to this day.

The film was well made and had a great number of interesting facts and theories to share. However, it was possible to discover some errors in historical fact which made one wonder what other facts the film portrayed were equally in error. This did not take away from the main purpose of the film which was to challenge the viewers’ perceptions of their lives and to stimulate discussion among audience members. This was accomplished with great success and inspired some (well, me at least) to visit the film’s website and other locations to discern between what is and what I perceive to be part of our everyday realities.

Brad Baesic* introduced the film to the small but eager audience which included Amy Cramer* of The Shawnee Playhouse* and Marie Steger*. Please Explore The “Zeitgeist” website at www.Zeitgeistmovie.com for more information about the film and to see it online and The Shawnee Playhouse* Website website to discover all they have to offer.

(*) denotes members of The Forwardian Arts Society in good standing and are considered Our Good Friends.

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