Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The COTA 08 July 8th Meeting

The Celebration of the Arts (COTA)* held their now bi monthly meeting on Tuesday July 8th at The Deer Head Inn* in Delaware Water Gap, PA to continue plans for the 31st Annual COTA* Jazz and Arts Festival to take place September 5th - 7th. Among the many progressions was the selection of a new recording secretary which will be Paul Adam Smeltz (Yeah, that‘s me). It’s an honor to be entrusted with such responsibility which will begin in August.

It was also announced the posters designed by Tim Helman* will be ready for distribution by the next meeting along with the brochures. A few were already on hand to delight all who viewed them. This is an exciting time as COTA* can begin the process of inviting Jazz and art lovers throughout and beyond the area to attend this year’s festival.

Cyndie Dutkiewcz*, Tim Helman*, Jim Wyckoff*, Jill Goodwin*, Pat and Terri Gaughan*, Karen Nickels*, Lauren Silliman*, Ron and Norma Hart*, Cheryl Reed*, Brian and Anita Labar*, Garth Woods*, Rob and Jamie Garner, and Arline M. Smeltz* were among those whose shared in the excitement of the evening as the date of the festival begins its approach. COTA* seeks volunteers in all areas of operations including security, stage crew, box office, and in poster distribution. Their Next meetings will be Tuesday July 22nd as well as August 12th and 26th at 7:30pm at the Deer Head Inn*. Please contact COTA* at 570-424-2210 or visit their website for more information. You’ll find numerous pictures at The Forwardian Arts Society COTA 08 Meetings Gallery at myspace.com/forwardian_arts.

(*) denotes members of The Forwardian Arts Society in good standing and are considered Our Good Friends.

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