Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Depot Sayles Along The Stream of Music

On a Hot, Hot Summer day, The Eastburg Community Alliance held their weekly Music on Mondays event at The Historic Dansbury Depot in East Stroudsburg, PA on Monday July 20th. A small number of vendors populated the outside of the depot which included Baarda Farms, Shady River Designs, the Soap Muffin, and Graver Farmstead In addition to these vendors offering their enticing wares, the gallery within the depot presented the photographic work of Susan Kulick of Echo Lake Photography. I meandered among the delicious hand picked produce, the very cool hippie apparel, the rejuvenating scents, and Ms. Kulick's eye pleasing images until the featured musician was ready to perform.

Regina Sayles' clarion voice rang out like a siren who beckoned every member of the sizable audience to embrace her opening song and its deeper meanings. Her subsequent offerings along with the rapport she created with the gathering led the company upon a journey that led to a number of thoughtful truths which are embodied in the human experience she articulated. Ms. Sayles sang a number of songs already established by somewhat better known musicians and singers. However, her interpretation of each song added a texture to it which made it her own. Ms. Sayles also sang a number of songs she composed whose exemplary qualities often surpassed those in her repertoire of the well known songs associated with other artists. Her overall performance proved to be like a gentle breeze which not only expelled the excessive heat of the day but also took the audience upon a journey as they sailed upon the trade winds of Ms. Sayles' incredible voice. As the concert concluded, the wonderful flavor of the experience carried over to Ms. Sayles' playfully chatting with those who have become her fans throughout the years along with those created during the event. You'll find more photographs taken during the event in The Depot Sayles Along The Stream of Music Gallery at

Regina Sayles grew up in Tiffin, OH and was a drummer in her high school's marching band. She also sang in choir, performed in theatrical productions, and played softball while attending the school. In addition to this, Ms. Sayles became her class's homecoming queen. Ms. Sayles joined her first rock cover band at the age of 16. She later attended the East Stroudsburg University of PA where she began writing songs and performing them. She graduated in 2003 and released her first EP in 2006. She now performs in various venues throughout New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Delaware, Virginia, Ohio, and more. You can learn more about Regina Sayles by exploring her Facebook Page at or her Website at

The Eastburg Community Alliance was established over 30 years ago by local leaders and business owners and is funded through a combination of local grants, direct fund raising, memberships, and local contributions. The next Music on Mondays concert will feature The Shawnee Playhouse on Monday July 27th. The Farmers' Market and other merchants will have their wares available to be purchased beginning at 5:30pm while the music is scheduled to begin at 7pm. In addition to their Music on Monday Series, The Eastburg Community Alliance presents a number of events to delight and entertain the overall community. These include their Fall Octoberfest scheduled to take place on Saturday October 10th and a Winter Holiday Celebration which is scheduled to take place Saturday December 12th at the Historic Dansbury Depot in East Stroudsburg, PA. You’ll be able to learn more about The Eastburg Community Alliance by visiting their Facebook Page at or their Website at

Photography by Paparazzi Paul.

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