Monday, January 12, 2015

Finding an Amazonian Faith in The Mantras of Humanity

“Remember what you wanted to be
And still have faith in humanity”
Elizabeth Starship

The Gallery at The Pocono Community Theater and Cultural Center in East Stroudsburg, PA held the first of their Artists’ Receptions for 2015 on Saturday January 10th. The work of Martelle Fine Art and Design in an exhibit titled, “Finding Faith in Humanity” was presented in the venue's front gallery while the work of Jennifer Amazon in an exhibit titled, “Mantra of the Amazons” was placed in their hallway gallery. I arrived early to the theater and was able to enter before the gathering of the many art lovers who would come to share heir marvel and conversations that were enlightened by the exhibit. This afforded me time to intimately commune with the work as I stood alone before it.

Although the pieces were not extraordinarily large in their physical dimensions, I was immediately struck by the overwhelming enormity that was contained in the scope and depth of each image. The photographic work of Martelle Fine Art and Design pushes beyond the boundaries of the camera to which his approach and proficiency in the medium is able to include pieces whose surreal depictions and atmosphere intrigues and challenges the perceptions of the viewer while his abstract images entreats the observer to create their own unique interpretation of what they were experiencing at the viewing moment as well as throughout the moments that compose their life's journeys. The work of Jennifer Amazon celebrated the strength and viracity of womanhood igniting the passions of those who explored the images while the signposts filled with thoughtful and reassuring words allowed those who delve into their deeper meaning to manifest the power of their human-hood (especially those among the female gender) into the wakening experiences of their lives. Together, the body of work presented by these two outstanding artists creates an all encompassing image drawn by the hand of life and etched into the soul so it would be remembered in our dreams and essential realities as we continue through our living with a deeper understanding of why.

As the time I spent with the work past, people who came to partake of the exhibit began entering the theater. Their numbers grew until the venue was filled to capacity with their presence as well as their conversations which enhanced the work even further than the already impressive qualities they possessed. A culinary setting of light snacks, home made dips, and beverages brought in by the artists and their friends made the afternoon even more enjoyable. The reception was a thoroughly satisfying one filled with meaningful art and photography along with good company that was plentiful. I recommend exploring the pieces during the exhibit's continuation while waiting to view a film. It will certainly give more value to the ticket you purchased. You’ll be able to find more photographs taken during the afternoon in The January 10th Artists' Reception at The January 10th Pocono Community Theater Artists' Reception Gallery at along with other events taking place at the venue in The Pocono Community Theater and Cultural Center 2015 Archives at as well as art related events occurring at various locations in the Creative Arts 2015 Archive at

Martelle Jones of Martelle Fine Art and Design began his journeys in photography several years ago as a means to get back to the arts after a very tumultuous period in his life in order to rejoin the human race. Mr. Jones endeavors is known to explore ways to go beyond the simple image of a camera and to convey a deeper meaning through the subject he captures. His searching approach to the medium is demonstrated by the pieces presented in the exhibit at The Pocono Community Theater and Cultural Center indicating a new direction in his recent works including those encased in custom salvaged barn wood frames created by Christian Menses of the band The Current

Mr. Jones enjoys meeting with other artists around the community whose advice and inspiration continues to sustain him. They include Vinzon Lee, Nova Chan, Sean Turrell, and Elizabeth Starship who wrote a poem to accompany the “Finding Faith in Humanity” exhibit which is posted upon the gallery's wall and can be read alongside it. In addition to his photographic work, Mr. Jones has created a local, community based empowerment movement called, “Come As You Are” in which everyone who would like to be involved would have an opportunity to become the model for a day to create art with a shared humanity at it's core. You can learn more about Martelle Jones, Martelle Fine Art and Design, Come As You Are, and more by exploring his website at

Jennifer Amazon is the Director and Educator at The Amazon Art Studio located in Pocono Pines, PA. The studio offers art classes for all ages, paint parties, gallery shows, and private art parties. They also offer Photography services in the studio shots to include glamor shots, acting/modeling head shots, family portraits, photo booth services, Save The Dates shots, and Engagement Photos as well as those taken on locations such as birthday's, weddings, bar/bat mitzvah's, holiday parties, company photos, and more.

The work Ms. Amazon presents in the exhibit at The Pocono Community Theater and Cultural Center is said to run the gamut of the artist's Amazon journey from her first painting which sparked the series to the last painting she created to date. Ms. Amazon has stated that this current exhibit will probably be her last show for a while as she is stepping away from it all. It is hope this period will not be of a long duration as the new discoveries she records upon her canvases never fail to enhance all who view them. You can learn more about Jennifer Amazon, her work, The Amazon Art Studio with all it has to offer by exploring her Facebook Page at

The Gallery at The Pocono Community Theater and Cultural Center in East Stroudsburg, PA will continue to display their “Finding Faith in Humanity” and “Mantra of the Amazons” exhibitions featuring the works of Martelle Fine Art and Design and Jennifer Amazon until March 1st. The artists featured in their next exhibition are yet to be announced. In addition to hosting art exhibits, The Pocono Community Theater and Cultural Center presents a variety of films both popularly current as well revivals of those films released in the past. They also host special events such as their Book Club which explore novels that have been adapted to the screen and are currently being shown in the theater. Please Explore The Pocono Community Theater Facebook Page at for more information.

Photography by Paparazzi Paul

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