Saturday, January 17, 2015

Enjoying Nahabedian between a Rock and Funn Place

The always hospitable residence of Eric Funn, located in Stroudsburg, PA, opened its doors on Wednesday January 14th to a modest number of music lovers who filled the living and other rooms with their enthusiasm as they chatted and nibbled upon the variety of snacks that were offered while waiting for the music to begin. This music would come from the evening's host Eric Funn along with Greg Nahabedian, Cee Rock, and Special guest Steve Stenersen. The concert would prove to be a satisfying combination of musical qualities with performances flowing seamlessly among the commonality of their styles while maintaining each musician's unique interpretive approach the their songs and the life experiences they convey.

Eric Funn began the evening's performances as he took his guitar in hand to share a number of compositions whose effects upon the audience ranged from serious contemplation of the thoughtful imagery they created to smiles and laughter with those songs that deftly contained some amusing attributes. The series of songs Mr. Funn selected established a mood that would permeate the entire concert. This mood would be echoed throughout the evening as the eyes of the audience shared their joyous and perceptive reflections.

Eric was followed by Greg Nahabedian after a break to give the musician time to set up his keyboard ensued. From the very first notes that were touched upon his keyboard to the final chords of his concluding song, Mr. Nahabedian captivated the wonderment of the audience through his harmonies and lyrics that traveled upon the inward roads built by the experiences of each listener. Mr. Nahabedian also shared an amusing story relating to losing his hair as a young man and trying to obtain sex after unwittingly drinking a concoction his father made which combined beer and a powdered substance he was prescribed in preparation of a colonoscopy he was scheduled for that had very effective laxative qualities with music serving as an intricate component of the narrative. A population of smiles and giggles filled the room as the unique details of the tale transcended themselves to create an universal understanding among the gathering.

As Mr. Nahabedian's performance reached it's conclusion, a brief break ensued before the musician known as Cee Rock took the stage with his guitar. The acoustic aura of his music began to manifest into its familiar forms as his first selection lyrically sailed its introspective meaning into the estuaries of our dreams. The songs that followed shared a profound poetic sense that reached beyond the boundaries of their detonated essences and touched the imagination with the connotative images they constructed. It was during his set did Cee Rock invite guitarist Steve Stenersen to the stage as a special guest to play a number of his songs. Mr. Stenersen amused the gathering with the universal truths contained in his compositions which were appreciated by all during his brief performance. Cee Rock returned to the stage after Mr. Stenersen's set in which he concluded his performance with a number of songs familiar to members of the crowd inspiring many to quietly sing along.

It was after Cee Rock's performance did a elongated break ensued which provided the company of friends who attended the event an opportunity to learn more about and from the music they heard through conversations with those who originated the works. Some concepts were shared through the conventional method of conversing with one another utilizing auditory stimulation while others utilized the chalkboard that was available in the dining room area of the home to convey their interpretations of the music and life in general through a piece of chalk. Regardless of the mode that was used, the content and subtext of the conveyances shared enhanced the evening as the absorbent nature of their intercoursal depth seeped into the consciousness of all who received their utterances.

It was after this time did Eric Funn retake the stage to bring the evening to its conclusion. He shared a folksy blend of tunes that combined the joy of the evening while creating a yearning among the gathering to return to the abode when the next concert is scheduled. It was during this time did a poet, known simply as The Carlton, was reading some of his new poetic works in the kitchen to those who chose to congregate there. The subtle complexity embodied in his profound words gave further impetus to those who would leave the premises to return so they could experience more of his words. The music, poetry, and good company provided everyone with good reasons to return. You'll be able to view the photographs taken during the concert at The January 14th Funn House Concert You'll also be able to view concerts presented at other homes throughout the year in our House Music 2015 Archives at as well as events related to the performing arts throughout 2015 in our Archives at

Eric Funn is from Aberdeen, SD and currently lives in Stroudsburg, PA where he holds concerts to entertain and enhance music lovers and musicians alike in his home. His musical talents are not only well known throughout the community but the country as well through the numerous concert tours he either participates in or organizes. Mr. Funn has recorded several CDs with the most recent one titled, “No More Blue Tomorrows.” You can learn more about Eric Funn and his music by exploring his Facebook Page at

Greg Nahabedian lives in Northampton, MA and performed at the home of Eric Funn in conjunction with a solo concert tour he is currently undertaking. His most recent CD is titled, “If The Lord Should So Incline My Heart.” In addition to sharing his keyboard, song writing, and story telling skills with audiences around the country, Mr. Nahabedian teaches the art of music as found through the playing of a piano to pianist enthusiasts and performs in a band known as “Dérive.” In addition to this, he publishes a zine titled, “Dérive Speaks” containing Literature, Poetry, and Images. You can learn more about Greg Nahabedian and his many endeavors by exploring his website at

Cee Rock is well known throughout Monroe County, PA as he is a frequent performer at The Sherman Theater's Living Room in Stroudsburg, PA during their Sunday Open Mic Nite Series. He has also performed in various venues throughout the region and beyond bringing the poetic nature of his work to many. Cee Rock has recently recorded a CD titled, “Common Cents” which was recorded at his recording studios known as “Suisyde System Records.” You'll be able to learn more about Cee Rock and his endeavors by exploring his Facebook Page at

Steve Stenersen lives in East Stroudsburg, PA and is a member of the band known as Gutsack who consists of a trio of musicians who performs a musical sub-genre of grindcore and death metal known as “Goregrind.” The musical form is recognized for its highly distorted, "watery" sounding vocals and abrasive musicianship. Gutsack is presently in the process of recording their debut CD. You can learn more about Steve Stenersen and the band by exploring their Facebook Page at

Photography by Paparazzi Paul

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