Monday, November 08, 2010

The Faithful Gather at The Dreamlands

The Dreamland Creations in Stroudsburg, PA held an Artists Reception on Sunday November 7th which featured the work of numerous artists for their exhibition titled, “The Religion and Spirituality Show.” As with all their themed shows, Dreamland Creations encouraged artists to devise their own interpretation to what the concepts of Religion and Spirituality along with all their divinations/deviations mean to them. This led to an array of styles and approaches to the theme which included some profoundly soul touching work along with some healthy blasphemous pieces inviting each viewer to examine their own faith without the presumptions society and institutionalized entities have placed upon them.

Those who attended the Artists’ Reception were greeted by a quality of work faithful to the gallery’s usual astounding standard of creative excellence. The work presented ranged from very simple depictions of images which allowed the viewer to focus on the subject without any unwanted distractions to those whose appropriate complexities drew one in until the experience of the work included themselves. The approaches in regards to creating the work also had its own range. Some artists chose to utilize the traditional methods such as the use of oil and acrylic paints to form their visions while others explored alternative methods enhancing the originality of their pieces.

The reception concluded with a performance by the Heavy Metal band Nu Prosta Kaif whose industrial strength sounds shook the halls of the gallery adding to the irrational energies of the pieces. Their songs and performance style proved to be intoxicating which caused many to be delightfully inebriated throughout the set. In other words, it was a great way to end the evening which inspired many to eagerly await the next exhibition in December. You’ll find more photographs taken during the reception in The Forwardian Arts Society Dreamland Creations 2010 Gallery at

Those artists participating in “The Religion and Spirituality Show” include Rendi, Helen Victoria, Rob and Denise VanNess, J. J. Shlutz, Don Menza, Narlene Jacobs, Sherley Escribano, Abby Braman, Andrew Collenburg, Mark Purcell, Judy Zarach, Allison Gray, Michael Cooke, J. A. S., Brianna Ace, Brandi G. Merritt, Diane Paulhamus, Heather Hummel, Laura Below, Richard Soezzano, Marcia Flammonde, Anna Marie Hendricks, Myke Maldonado, Olaf Sigurdsson, Kari, and Paul (yeah, that‘s me). The Exhibition continues until November 30th.

The Dreamland Creations in Stroudsburg, PA serves as a studio where individuals can adorn their forms with a variety of body art such as tattoos and piercing reaching out to the vast community of conventional and non mainstream artists throughout the area. Their next Artists’ Reception will feature a variety of artists in an exhibition titled, “The Blue Show.” The reception will take place Sunday December 5th beginning at 4pm. The Exhibition will continue until January 3rd. Please Explore The Dreamland Creations Website at or call 570-421-6313 for more information about the artists, the current and future exhibitions, and all they have to offer.


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