Monday, February 20, 2017

The Emergence of Artists at NCC

Photography by Paparazzi Paul

A sensation of joy that accompanies the act of discovering something wonderful filled the hearts and souls of those who entered the Dunning Art Gallery on Thursday February 16th. The venue is located on the Monroe Campus of Northampton Community College in Tannersville PA's Keystone Hall and their Emerging Artists Exhibition showcased the work of individuals who are beginning to gain a degree of prominence in the local artistic community. These individuals hail from the six recognized art organizations operating in the Pocono Region of Northeast PA. They are The Pocono Arts Council, the Pocono Mountain Arts Council, the Pocono Mountain Arts Group, the Pocono Painters, the Pocono Photography Club, and the Pocono Watercolor Associates.

It was after a while spent in delightful conversations with the featured artists and one another did Dean Matthew J. Connell informally addressed the room to welcome all who attended the event as well as expressing his appreciation to the artists and the groups they belonged to for sharing their talents with the campus. As he concluded his words, Jack Swersie of the PoconoArts Council took the microphone to express his welcoming sentiments before passing the instrument to each of the featured artists in succession so they may speak about their work. The artists who spoke were Karen Schaffer, Marlene Fudge, Amy Joann Magish, Jason Scott Williamson, and Jessica Larsen. Artists who were part of the exhibit but who were not present were Sterling Strauser, Peter Heiden, Linda Krackle, Joan Sayer, Christine Saggaddu, and Joy Taney.

It was after the sharings from artists concluded did Dean Connell share his final thoughts about the show, the artists, and the groups they represented. His final words for the evening were followed by a great number of conversations as each artists were approached by those who wished to learn more about their work as well as their aesthetic approach to it. The event wound down as those who attended the reception began to leave in order to go home. Yet, an anticipatory yearning could be felt among the gathering as their spirits were fixed upon the next exhibition that would adorn the gallery. You'll find more photographs taken during the Artists' Reception in The Emergence of Artists at NCC Gallery at

The Northampton Community College (NCC) was established in 1967 with its main campus located in the Lehigh Valley region of PA. According to their Website, NCC is committed to quality, affordable higher education while striving for accessibility with courses scheduled at multiple campuses and locations during the day, evening, weekends, and on line. The college currently serves more than 35,000 students a year in credit and non-credit programs. The Emerging Artists Exhibition is scheduled to be on display in the Dunning Gallery which is located in The Monroe Campus of Northampton Community College in Tannersville PA's Keystone Hall until until May 25th. Their next exhibition will be their 3rd Annual Pocono Tapestry Show scheduled to open in Mid June featuring artists from the 6 local art organizations. You can learn more about The Northampton Community College by exploring their Facebook Page at or their Website at

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