Monday, December 19, 2016

A Black Tie Bye Bye at Origins

Photography by Paparazzi Paul.

The Origins Gallery in Stroudsburg, PA held an Artists' Reception for their Black Canvas Exhibition II on Saturday December 17th. The evening served as a black tie fund raiser for the gallery as they prepare their move from their present location on the lower level of The Gamers Edge Comics and Games Store at 580 Main St. in Stroudsburg, PA to their new home which will be announced at a later time. A sizable gathering inhabited the space in order to share conversations relating to the incredible art on display while reminiscing over the wonderful events presented by the gallery throughout the years. The evening also included their famous art raffle, a silent auction, a charitable endeavor by Krystal, Photos with Santa, and music provided by guitarist Douglas Kaetz

The gentle classical guitar compositions rendered by Mr. Kaetz enhanced the enjoyment of the evening as each measure created an inner balance for all who meandered throughout the room. A variety of delicious treats donated by the artists added their flavors to the event along with the culinary delights concocted by Bonnie O' Fee during the reception. In addition to the stunning work that was on display for the exhibition, a number of pieces equal to the exhibit's aesthetic caliber were offered as items to bid upon in the gallery's first silent auction. The eyes of those present spent a great deal of time to oogle each item before placing their bids to make the coveted piece their own. An excitement was felt throughout the venue as participants in the auction sought to out bid one another.

It was after some time after the beginning of the evening did the Origins Gallery Director, Jody Singer, stand before the gathering to share his welcoming words. He also expressed his appreciation to the company for their love and support over the years. Mr. Singer also provided a glimpse of the future of the gallery which included a number of projects to enhance the presence of artistic endeavors throughout the town and beyond. It was also announced the gallery's new home is still under negotiation and its location will be shared with the public by the end of January 2017. The gallery will close at its present location on Tuesday December 27th, 2016.

As Mr. Singer concluded his sentiments, the music, conversations, and ogling resumed. Opportunities to have one's picture taken with Santa were offered as was an opportunity to help those artists who suffered in the recent challenges they encountered in California were made available by purchasing tree ornaments created by a woman named, “Krystal” and signing a card sharing one's compassion for the victims. The music presented by guitarist Douglas Kaetz evolved from classical renditions to more modern pieces. These later songs inspired a number of attendees to tap dance the night away with joy and abandonment. It was after a while did Mr. Singer return to the stage in order to conduct the gallery's famous Art Raffle.

The many individuals who purchased raffle tickets throughout the evening eagerly eyed the pieces of paper between their fingers as the winning numbers were called out by Origin's Gallery Director, Jody Singer. The much coveted pieces donated for the event were held aloft by Marty Carr which made each item all the more desirable. A joy filled the room as the numbers signifying the winner were revealed and congratulatory sentiments were shared. It was after the final item was distributed did Mr. Singer prepare the gathering for the announcement of those whose high bids would receive the items offered in the silent auction. After a moment or two of going over the paperwork involved, the numbers corresponding with the name of the highest bidders were shared leading to arrangements being made to complete the purchases.

It was after all this did Mr. Singer bid his farewell to the gathering while expressing his thanks to all those who helped Origins Gallery to become a blessing to the creative community. An extensive list of names were shared and each one was met by the gathering with a thoughtful applause. It was soon after this did the company begin to disperse taking each departing step with the memories the gallery has inspired throughout the years. Yet, a new hope descended upon them regarding the possible future of the venue as they were met by the fresh, brisk air of a December night. You can view photographs taken during the Artists' Reception of the exhibit in The A Black Tie Bye Bye at Origins Gallery at

The Origins Gallery is a contemporary arts gallery who also offers classes and special events to the community. The Black Canvas Exhibition II will be on display until Monday December 26th . The next exhibition to be on display in their new location is yet to be announced. But, it will most likely take place during the late Winter or early Spring Months of 2017. You can learn more about The Origins Gallery including updates referring to the future of Origins and other news by exploring their Facebook Page at

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