Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Inspiration Found in the Gap

Photography by Paparazzi Paul.

The sunshine of an Autumnal Day that filled the town of Delaware Water Gap, PA on Saturday October 8th was only exceeded by the brilliance one experience when celebrating something new and wonderful being born. The town's Historic Castle Inn www.castleinnpa.com welcomed The Live Inspired Gallery www.facebook.com/LiveInspiredGallery into their shopping complex. Friends of the gallery and art lovers chatted in the Castle's Halls as the modestly sized venue filled to capacity. A delicious assortment of foods were available to nibble on while the aesthetic pallid of the gathering was satisfied by the work the gallery's owners, Paul Svetlovics www.facebook.com/PaulSvetlovicsImagery and Suzana Meštrić www.PortraitArtOnline.com, had on display.

Conversations inspired by the art and the excitement of the day were shared along with purchases of modestly priced paintings and photographs were made. The joy of being a recipient of a beautiful landscape, portrait, or still life was noticeably evident on the face and in the eye of the individual who made the fortunate purchase. It was a great day to experience the exhilaration of a new venue for the arts arriving to the area and future visitations to The Live Inspired Gallery were anticipated by those who attended its opening. I recommend you be among them. In the meantime, you'll find more photographs in The Inspiration Found in the Gap Gallery at www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10155328149383761.1073742023.91146283760&type=3.

The Castle Inn in Delaware Water Gap, PA was built in 1906 and was the last of the great hotels to be built in area. It housed an ice cream parlor, a mosaic floor, bowling alleys, a pool, and a billiard parlor. Performances were presented which included those given by Opera legend Enrico Caruso, Marching Band Leader John Phillip Sousa, and Big Band Leader Fred Waring along with the Pennsylvanians. This all came to an abrupt end when fire touched the Inn in the 1970s and it laid dormant until 2005 when it was purchased by Theresa Veltri and Frank Paccione who continues their endeavors to bring the Inn back as an asset to the community and all who visit it. You’ll be able to learn more about The Shoppes at The Castle Inn and all they have to offer by exploring their Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/historiccastleinn?ref=ts&fref=ts or their Website at www.castleinnpa.com.

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