Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Nature Working at the Stroudsmoor

Photography by Paparazzi Paul.

On what began as a sunny day, The Stroudsmoor Country Inn in Stroudsburg, PA held their 1st Annual Outdoor Art Show titled, “Nature at Work: Walking with the Arts” on Sunday August 21st. Although the meteorological conditions would change enough to shorten my visit to the event, there were a great number of activities and wonders to experience which inspired many attendees to brave the rains. But, since I was experiencing the onset of a cold, I only partook of a small sampling of what the day had to offer. Yet, that sampling was quite a healthy one which left me to imagine what delights could have been mine if I would have stayed.

My day began when I arrived as the Inn's Parking lot. A shuttle awaited the many car drivers and riders who were parked to eagerly drive us to the festival. We were driven to the area in which the car show was taking place. The beauty of the vehicles that populated roads during a bygone era attracted my eye and I yearned to get closer to their designs but I decided to enter the Inn's The Woodsgate Pavilion which offered works created by the East Stroudsburg University of PA Art Department featuring those of Professors Darlene Farris Labar, Joni Oye, Jocelyn Kolb, and students. Live snakes, spiders, and turtles were also on display. In other areas of the building, I encountered Artists Susan Lebel, Tyler Bostic of Color of Life painting Darlene Hyde, Linda Stockman, Maria N. Filosa of Starchaser Designs, and many more. I've met vendors such as Azuzu Dayo of Soap Muffin, Ana's Parrots, Mrs. C who creates flavorful dressings and dipping oils, and more. It was after my visit the the building did I venture outside as the rain predicted for the day abated for the time being.

I walked along a pathway leading to Stroudsmoor's 1-Mile Loop which is a trail that overlooks the Cherry Valley Wildlife Refuge. I heard the sounds of music and, before I knew it, I reached the top of a hill whereupon The Woodland Chapel served as a bandstand. The Lost Ramblers were playing the Bluegrass compositions that were well known and loved by those who were present. The chapel was surrounded by a number of vendors including Bonnie O' Fee who displayed a plethora of creams and herbal products that were concocted with love. It was during my visit did the prelude of a rain storm arrive. So, I reluctantly left the chapel in order to venture down to where the car was parked. Even though my day was interrupted by the weather, it proved to be an enjoyable one. I look forward to attending their 2nd festival with the hopes of a conducive climate so I may explore all its wonders. In the meantime, you'll be able to view the photographs I took during the 1st Nature at Work - Walking with the Arts Festival in The Nature Working It at the Stroudsmoor Gallery at

The Stroudsmoor Country Inn in Stroudsburg, PA is well known as being “a place where you can wake up your soul and put your cares to bed.” The Inn is set atop its own 300 acre mountain overlooking the scenic vistas of the area which includes the 30,000 acre Cherry Valley National Wildlife Refuge. The Nature at Work - Walking with the Arts Festival was established to focus on the symbiotic relationship between the art of nature and the nature of art. It was inspired by the growing concerns for the reduction in untouched landscape and the angsts of keeping art as a lesson learned for future generations. The show’s mission is to capture the environment, as seen through the artists’ eyes, to document a moment in time, and preserving it for years to come in the hopes that its footprint will change only through the natural processes of the earth; not the influences of an industrious mankind. You can learn more about The Stroudsmoor Country Inn and all they have to offer by exploring their Website at or their Facebook Page at

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