Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Picturesque Words of Origins

Photography by Paparazzi Paul

The serenity of a warm Spring day denoting the time when the Summer Season will take form brought a beauty to the eye as awakening flowers and other plants and animals roused from their hibernations. It was against the delightful backdrop did The Origins Gallery in Stroudsburg, PA hold an Artists' Reception on Saturday May 21st for their Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Exhibition. The evening celebrated the written word through images that often transcended it. This celebration extended itself to include an insightful talk on writing and publishing given by Vincent Asaro who recently published his novel titled, “Carrot Field.” Music for the reception was provided by folk guitarist Jimmy Cogan. 570-470-6787

The evening began as a modest number of art lovers descended the stairwell leading them to the gallery from the streets of the town. Their numbers grew throughout the night as the experience of being touched by the work hung upon the walls beckoned those who were passing by to come within. A number of the pieces included words written within them which added a concise texture to the connotative imagery that greeted the eye. But, there were also a number of pieces whose composition and symbolism shared their messages upon the mind's telegraphs on a more subconscious level. In either case, the work complimented the gallery and the exhibit's theme while the meaningfulness and beauty found in the art proved to have a thoughtfully pleasant effect on the viewers as evident in the conversations they engaged in.

It was after some time did the gallery's Director, Jody Singer, come upon the stage to share his welcoming remarks and news of what will be presented at the venue in the future. He then proceeded to welcome author, Vincent Asaro, who gave a meaningful and informative talk that reflected the mechanics of the art of writing. His excellent topics ranged from the act of writing itself to the various approaches to getting one's work seen and published. Many of the established and aspiring writers who were present often nodded their heads in reflection whenever Mr. Asaro revealed a truth about the art. Some of the information shared was already known by a number of the writers but it remained well received as hearing it verbalized reconfirmed its importance. Other information that was shared was unique to Mr. Asaro's experience as a writer. Yet, these experiences had a certain universality about them that made it easy for those who listened to his words to relate.

It was as Mr. Asaro concluded his talk did Mr. Singer return to the stage to express his appreciation to the writer and to those whose hearts gave them ears to listen. Mr. Singer then introduced Jimmy Cogan to the gathering who immediately began strumming the strings attached to the heart with a number of folk songs. Throughout his performance, Mr. Cogan's voice and guitar playing skills added the texture of experience to each song. Mr. Cogan also demonstrated an uncanny ability to take songs not normally associated with the folk genre and place upon them an inflection that provided the composition with an earthy air. It was after some time that Mr. Cogan was joined on stage by Bradley Bartholomew who added his voice to a number of songs which were enhanced by his interpretive approach to each one.

It was at the conclusion of the performance given by Mr. Cogan and Mr. Bartholomew did the famous Origin's Art Auction take place. Each ticket holder eagerly eyed the digits of their tickets as Mr. Singer called out each number while Marty Carr provided opportunities to view each item to the gathering. It was after the final item was collected did those who were gathered bid each other adieu. You can view photographs taken during the Artists' Reception of the exhibit at The The Picturesque Words of Origins” Gallery at

The “A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words” Exhibition will be on display at The Origins Gallery in Stroudsburg, PA until June 1st. Their next show will be their Incongruous Juxtapositions Exhibition featuring Joy Taney. The Artists' Reception is scheduled for Saturday June 4th beginning at 6pm. All artists are invited to participate. The drop off dates are June 1st and 2nd. In addition to their exhibitions, The Origins Gallery holds a number of special events like classes and workshops such as those in their InspIrArt Series, their Last Minute Monday Series, their Underground Series, festivals, and their Below the Surface: An Arts Experience Series. They are quite enjoyable and we hope to see you at many of them.

The Origins Gallery is located on the lower level of The Gamers Edge Comics and Games Store which can be found at 580 Main St. in Stroudsburg, PA. The Origins Gallery is a contemporary arts gallery within the Pocono Art District having one of the highest and fastest sales records in the Stroudsburg area, provides a space to those who teach the arts to those who would like to learn from them, and continues to do everything with the local community in mind. You can learn more about The Origins Gallery and view images and videos of the event taken by members of their staff and others by exploring their Facebook Page at or their Website at

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