Thursday, March 17, 2016

Animation Time Bonsai

Lines of tables filled with games and gamers populated The Origins Gallery in Stroudsburg, PA as they held an Artists' Reception for their Comic and Anime Exhibition on Saturday March 12th. They were part of the presentation of Avocado Games who introduced the many who came to the reception to the world of gaming and to hold a Party Heroes Tournament. The enthusiasm expressed through the imaginative game play proved to be catching as even those who gave little or no thought to the pastime found themselves becoming transfixed by the characters the players created and their adventurous endeavors.

Individual artists associated with Avocado Games presented their work in a section of the gallery reserved for them. They were Karen Berglund, Robert Ayer, and Krystal Walz. Their renderings reflected the boundless properties of the art of gaming as their imaginations ran wildly to the myriad of worlds and situations one encounters in such realms. Yet, there was a simplicity in each piece that denoted a heart touching love often found in the deepest of relationships. And, this simple and subtle love expressed in these artists' work provide those who don't understand the fascination with gaming a special understanding that only the heart is able to convey.

Beyond the works of the Avocado Games’ Artists, other artists shared their envisages of the exhibition's theme. The beauty found a number of images drew the viewer into their framed borders while transforming his/her internal worlds. Yet, there were others whose depictions of adventures enticed the viewer to enter its domain and partake of the daring dos they longed to be a part of. There was also a video display presented by Beasty Feasts whose mind bending artistic effects lured the subconscious of the observers into its depth. This was especially true of those images illuminating the attributes of Origins Gallery as they revealed the wonders of the venue through the video's colorful imagery.

After some time was given the the gathering to explore the thrills of gaming and the aesthetic of the art, the gallery's Director, Jody Singer, and his Assistant, Ashley Catherine Fontones, took the stage to share their welcoming remarks and news of what will be presented at the venue as well as in other aesthetic havens throughout the area. As they completed their words, Robin Kessler (the owner of The Gamers Edge Comics and Games Store in Stroudsburg, PA took the stage to also share his welcoming sentiments and to impart his insights into the the world of gaming into the crowd. He was followed by Nick Desouza whose voice and guitar provided a soothing back rhythm to the dine of conversations transmitted from the gamers and art lovers in the gallery. It was during his performance was Mr. Desouza joined on stage by A. P. (aka Andrew Paul) who lent his vocal percussions to a number of songs that were played.

As Mr. Desouza completed his gentle set, Robin Kessler took to the stage once again in order to announce the winners of The Party Heroes Tournament and to bestow prizes on them. This was followed by Mr. Singer and Ms. Fontones return to the stage to commence the anticipated Art Raffle. The naming of every digit was accompanied by an overwhelming sense of excitement as the holders of tickets hoped their numbers would correspond with those being uttered. And, when it did, a scream was set free from the ticket holders countenance inspiring those around that individual to express their congratulatory sentiments. It was soon after the final object was awarded did members of the gathering begin bidding each other a fare thee well. Conversations echoed the playful wonders of the evening and the adventures they inspired. Yet, there was a quietness upon the company that often denotes the peace found when beginning the journey home.

The Comic and Anime Exhibition will continue to be on display at The Origins Gallery in Stroudsburg, PA until March 20th. Their next show will be their Figurative Art Exhibition with an Artists' Reception scheduled for Saturday March 26th beginning at 6pm. All artists are invited to participate. The drop off dates are March 23rd and 24th. In addition to the exhibitions they hold, a number of special events like their Last Minute Monday Series, classes and workshops, and festivals (such as The Forwardian Film Festival scheduled for May 14th and 15th) are held at the gallery. They are quite enjoyable and I hope to see you at many of them. In the meantime, you can view photographs taken during the Artists' Reception of the current exhibit at The Animation Time Bonsai Gallery at

The Origins Gallery is located on the lower level of The Gamers Edge Comics and Games Store which can be found at 580 Main St. in Stroudsburg, PA. The Origins Gallery is a contemporary arts gallery within the Pocono Art District having one of the highest and fastest sales records in the Stroudsburg area, provides a space to those who teach the arts to those who would like to learn from them, and continues to do everything with the local community in mind. You can learn more about The Origins Gallery and view images and videos of the event taken by members of the staff and others by exploring their Facebook Page at or their Website at

Photography by Paparazzi Paul.

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