Sunday, November 22, 2015

Two Eyes Blessed by Four Views

There is no greater tribute a student can pay to his/her teacher than to excel in life through the lessons found in his/her teachings. This was never more evident than at the Schoonover (Middle Smithfield Township) Municipal Building in East Stroudsburg, PA who held an Artists' Reception for their exhibition titled, “4 Views” on Friday November 20th. The exhibit featured the work of Patricia A. Griffin along with her former students Jill Perry, Jill Gleeson-Doherty, and Judith P. Moeller. Cheese made by Cranberry Creek Farms in Cresco, PA and vegetables grown as well as breads baked by Josie Porter Farms in Stroudsburg, PA were served during the reception as Peter Begeley provided music on an instrument known as the Chapman Stick. There were also free art class sign ups taking place during the event.

The enormity of Ms. Griffin's work in both size and subject matter filled a good portion of the room while the work of Ms. Perry, Doherty, and Moeller adorned the remainder of the vast gallery with their incredible renderings. Many of the images in the exhibit depicted animals and country scenes reflecting a softness exemplified in the hues and layering of each piece. Although the influence Ms. Griffin instilled in her students can be seen in their work, one only has to allow the images themselves to communicate the exemplary individual approach and styling her protégés employed in its creation. The gentle love found within theses images touched the senses of the large gathering that entered the township's gallery which was made audible in every utterance that were shared during their thoughtful conversations.

The experience of exploring the exhibit and all its charms was enhanced by the music presented by Peter Begeley on an instrument known as the Chapman Stick which is similar to an electric guitar in its physical construction. The Stick was invented by Emmett Chapman in 1974 and has a 10 or 12 string touch board which are taped with the fingertips of both hands to produce a full range of sounds. The Stick, as played by Mr. Begeley, had an unique quality of discovering the subtle esoteric voices within the compositions he shared which gently moved the gathering toward a transcendence complimentary to the visual art. In other words, it was “wow.” You'll find more photographs taken during the Artists' Reception in the Two Eyes Blessed by Four Views Gallery at

Patricia A. Griffin is an acclaimed artist and Middle Smithfield Township resident. Her work is displayed in museums and galleries across the U. S. Ms. Griffin has a deep and abiding love for the natural world and its beauty and has been often drawn to raw areas that have been preserved from excessive development. She has been influenced by VanGogh, Rothko, Rungius, and Emily Carr whose aesthetic essence can be seen in her work. You can learn more about Patricia A. Griffin and her work by exploring her Website at

Jill Perry has always been passionate with painting especially with the concept of color creating form. Jill Gleeson-Doherty has always been drawn to color, shapes, and movement finding the sky to be a wondrous place as a child who would watch the colors change and move for hours. Judith P. Moeller enjoys observing the beauty laid out before her and the rest of humanity throughout the world and putting its shapes, shadows, textures, and colors on canvas.

The Schoonover (Middle Smithfield Township) Municipal Building in East Stroudsburg, PA is located four miles north of Marshalls Creek, PA near the Pocono Square Shopping Center. Middle Smithfield Township is filled with rich history, beautiful scenery, and a thriving business district. The 4 Views exhibition featuring the work of Patricia A. Griffin, Jill Perry, Jill Gleeson-Doherty, and Judith P. Moeller will continue to be on display until January 7th. The next exhibit is yet to be announced. You can learn more about The Schoonover Municipal Building and Middle Smithfield Township, PA by exploring their Facebook Page at or their Website at

Photography by Paparazzi Paul.

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