Sunday, May 24, 2015

Bells, Strings, and Voices fill the SMU for Spring

The Stroudsburg, PA United Methodist (SMU) Church presented their Spring Concert on Sunday May 17th. The concert featured an afternoon of music performed by two bell choirs, an adult choir, a children's choir, soloists, and several musicians. It was a gentle and quiet time to share in the blending of enjoyable sounds reminding one of the first echoes of the season as its emergence from the previous season fills the souls with a sense of renewal. However, the concert was filled with reminders of the Winter Season as many compositions recalled the Christmas Season which traditionally centers around December 25th.

The concert began with a musical prelude titled, “To God Be The Glory.” It was performed as a duet on Organ and Piano by Marti Lantz and Lynn Seip. This was followed by some welcoming remarks that extended the hospitality of the church to the gathering. The enthusiastic remarks were followed by a singing of the Hymn titled, “Joy to the World” in which Barbara Hineline and Peggy Steward accompanied the audience with Handbells. The conclusion of the hymn led to a piano solo performed by Lydia Shank titled, “Who Am I” composed by Mark Hall. Ms. Shank was followed by two Bell Choirs.

The first Bell Choir was known as the “AweSUM Ringers” who performed a number of Christmas and wintry selections. They were joined by the second Bell Choir was known as the “SUM Celebration Ringers.” The entire company presented a number of composition while they were joined by Sophia Rostock on Cello. They were followed by the church's Senior Choir who were accompanied by the SUM's Cherub Choir which consists of children for a number of pieces. The Senior Choir would perform again during the concert but, as the set of songs they presented concluded, the SUM's Cherub Choir performed a few pieces on their own. They were followed by a solo performance of the song, “I See The Light” as sung by Julia Webster.

Ms. Webster's performance was followed by the Senior Choir who returned to sing a number of selections accompanied by Bob Shank on drums. They were followed by a presentation titled, “Six Hands at the Piano” featuring a piece titled, “The Witches' Flight.” The composition was performed by Jeanette Kuhns, Marti Lantz, and Lynn Seip who placed their dexterous fingers upon the keyboard while adorned in hats associated with witches. This was followed by a Christmas Drama performed by Emma Allen as Mary and Chris Allen as Joseph and took place prior to the birth of an individual known as, “Joshua, son of Joseph” (aka Jesus The Messiah or Christ) as they journeyed to their ancestral town of Bethlehem Judea approximately in the year 1 C. E. (Common Era) in order to be included in a census conducted by the Roman Empire who occupied the area at that time. The production led to a solo performance of a song sung by Ms. Allen.

The Drama's conclusion led to a performance of stringed instruments in a piece titled, “The Goldfish Rag.” The musicians were Justin Stanton, Marisa Seip, and Lynn Strasser. Their performance was followed by a finale in which the entire company of musicians and singers joined with those who were present for the concert in the singing of a composition taken from the 9th Symphony written by Ludwig Von Beethoven titled, “Ode To Joy.” Words of appreciation followed the work as all were invited to partake of the food that was provided after the concert and share in the conversation the afternoon inspired.

The afternoon was an enjoyable one as the talents of the musician and singers highlighted the concert. This allowed those members of the audience who did not share in the religious percepts the concert employed to enjoy it as much of those who did. It was a good concert to enjoy a Sunday afternoon with. You'll find more photographs taken during The Spring Concert for SUM at

The Stroudsburg United Methodist Church is located at 547 Main St. in Stroudsburg, PA. The church is currently celebrating serving the local community and beyond for over 225 years through their outreach programs and their weekly services which are held every Sunday at 8am and 11am. Their mission is to “Share the love of Jesus in innovative and compassionate ways.” You can learn more about The Stroudsburg United Methodist Church and all it continues to offer the community from their Facebook Page at or from their Website at

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