Monday, April 06, 2015

The SOHO Springs Eternal

On a breezy spring day whose comfortable temperatures came upon the area as if they were made to order for the exhibit, The SOHO in the BURG Gallery in Stroudsburg, PA held an Artists’ Reception on Saturday April 4th for their exhibition featuring the work of Emilio Arostegui and Joe Mooney. The Reception also showcased the work of numerous artists from the area in a group show titled, Springing in The Rain.” The entirety of the exhibit provided an immediate uplifting sensation for those who attended the event as they entered and explored the venue. This good feeling was further enhanced by the aromatic fragrances flowing from the area where Chef G (aka Guarino Cortese) was preparing some wonderful culinary delights which he created (as he does for all of the exhibits held at The SOHO in The Burg Gallery) specially for the event. Music for the evening was provided by Addambombb whose turntable filled the room with memorable sounds of jazz as rendered by some of the greats which includes Frank Sinatra and Mel Torme.

The photographic work of Emilio Arostegui never fails to capture the imagination as its dream like imagery pulls one into its darkened corridors through the beauty and exquisite qualities each composition possess. The shadowy worlds created by Mr. Arostegui creates a desire within the viewer to explore each environment more deeply as there is a sense that there is a mystery to be solved which will bring about a profound light that will shine upon the deeper meanings embodied in the work upon its discovery. This exploration leads many to the darkened realms within themselves which, before experiencing the invitingly intriguing nature of Mr. Arostegui's work, were too foreboding to enter. However, it is soon realized that the light they seek to reveal all that is hidden in the shadows of Mr. Arostegui's work, lies deep within themselves waiting to be illumined by the remembered awareness of its existence. It is with this epiphany that a sense of gratitude is given to the photographer for inspiring one to embark upon the journey to this realization.

Although the paintings of Joe Mooney seem diametrically opposed to the shadowy dreamlike images created by Emilio Arostegui, peering deeply into the carefully detailed images which comprise primarily of Celebrity portraits, along with some equally fine renderings of animals and other subjects, and going beyond the surface pigments of each piece soon creates a dream. In the case of the Celebrity portraits, the dream is one that enlivens the memories inspired by each personage depicted within the frame. The variety of these personages are as expansive as the memories they inspire and included the likenesses of Dean Martin, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Kim Novak, and more. As one reflects upon each depiction, one begins to remember the magical influence these individuals had upon the lives that experienced them through their soul touching talents. They are the stuff that dreams are made of and the dreams they make inspires us to live their magic in every moment we live.

The work presented in the gallery's group exhibit titled, “Springin' In The Rain” consisted of images and sculpture created by a number of local artists who each has deservedly earned a great deal of recognition and praise for their talented endeavors. It was very easy to see the reason why they received such impressive accolades as exploring the flow of the work as it was lovingly presented created a sense of awe which inspired many to share their thoughts on the intricacies and the beauty of each piece with other art lovers. This intercourse elevated the meaningfulness of the exhibit and allowed the gallery to achieve what few similar venues are unable to which is to create a singular presentation so all of the work can be experienced on an egalitarian level thus honoring all the artists and their talents who are being shown throughout the gallery in the unifying spirit of oneness.

Emilio Arostegui's began his creative journey in the early 1990's as he taught himself the art of Photography and other Graphic Arts. Mr. Arostegui spent years perfecting his unique style in emotional portraiture and design which led to conceptual visions which make up the majority of his works. His work can be seen through out the Pocono area in local galleries and shops. You can learn more about Emilio Arostegui and view his work at

Joe Mooney is a self-taught artist who began painting in acrylic since the age of 16. Although Mr. Mooney's work focuses primarily on portraits, his interest in subjects spans a wide gamut that is evident throughout the current exhibit being held at The SOHO in the Burg Gallery. Mr. Mooney has been honored with the “Grand Champion” Award at The West End Fair in Gilbert, PA along with several first place ribbons and trophies he received over time in various shows. He has also won the 2nd place award in the acrylics category at Pocono Arts Council members show held in the June of 2012. You can learn more about Joe Mooney and his work at

Although it seemed there were fewer attendees as usual for the reception, this perception proved to be a deceiving one as there was a flow of art lovers who arrived and left to partake of other art related events going on throughout the evening. Regardless of the population or its dynamics, the reception was a thoroughly enjoyable one with uncanny work to be seen and an atmosphere that enhanced all who partook of it. I recommend visiting the gallery to view the work as the experience discovering the memories and dreams dwelling within each piece will enlighten one's day/ You'll find photographs taken during the Artists' Reception held at The SOHO in the BURG Gallery in Stroudsburg, PA on Saturday April 4th in The SOHO in the Burg Springin' In The Rain Artists' Reception 04-04-14 Gallery at You'll also find photographs taken in various locations throughout the area in The Pocono Art District 2015 Archive at and those in a wider variety of venues in The Creative Arts 2015 Archive at

The SOHO in the BURG Gallery is located on the corner of 6
th and Main Street in Stroudsburg, PA which was the location of the J. J. Newberry’s store. The gallery opened its doors to the public in April of 2012 and is owned by Andrea Robbins Rimberg who has become well known for her exuberant energies and creativity as many of her pieces are on display in prestigious galleries throughout the United States. The exhibition featuring the work of Joe Mooney and Emilio Arostegui along with local artists in a group exhibit titled, “Springing in The Rain” will on display until the end of May. The next exhibit will take begin in June and details regarding it will be announced in the future.

In addition to the art exhibitions held at The SOHO in the BURG Gallery, The gallery will host The Pocono Arts Council presentation of their Poetry Slam on Thursday April 9th beginning at 7pm and The Forwardian Film Festival on May 2nd and 3rd featuring the cinematic endeavors of local filmmakers and actors along with those created internationally. The Deadline for submissions of films to be considered for inclusion in the event is April 10th. Please explore The Forwardian Arts Society Website at for more information. In the meantime. you can learn more about The SOHO in the BURG Gallery, their future exhibits, and all the gallery has to offer the creative community by exploring their Facebook Page at

Photography by Paparazzi Paul.

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