Monday, October 19, 2009

Poets in The Dale

Dale’s Café* in Bartonsville, PA held their 3rd Annual Poetry Festival and Competition on Sunday October 18th. A huge crowd of poetry lovers gathered to fill the coffeehouse as they were met by the music of singer/song writer Eric Becker* on guitar and Abby* on Banjo. The event was organized by The Pocono Writers‘* Poetry Workshop and featured readings from the 16 semi finalist with an award of $100 cash given to the winning poet. The judges of the competition were Amana Crowell, Eric Derby, Nicole Davalos, and Steph Moey.

After a welcoming introduction by Helen Victoria*, who leads The Pocono Writers‘* Poetry Workshop, guest poet Edwin Romond read a number of his work including those found in his recently published a book entitled, “Dream Teaching.” His words skillfully combined the amusing aspects of life with the sorrow one encounters while living it proving to be an excellent foundation for the poetry yet to come.

The words of Edwin Romond were followed by the presentation of eight of the finalist and followed by the remaining eight after a break. This break provided an opportunity to listen to more of the music provided by Eric* and Abby*, engaging in conversation among new and already established friends, and to enjoy the many beverages and culinary delights Dale and Lee Crowell* of Dale’s Café* had to offer. The festival then moved into it finalist stage when the three top poems were re-read with one becoming the winner of the competition.

The poetic readings were as varied in styles as they were in topics. Poets included Hank Aldrich* whose poem entitled, “The End of Summer” was read by Penny Dee, Tricia McGarvin* who is the founder and mentor of Urban Mountain Voices, which encourages youth from all backgrounds to explore their poetic talents, read her work entitled, “’Til Death To Us,” Valerie Cruz* read her poem entitled, “Food for Thought,” Steve Truglio* of The Beaner and Weevil Show entitled, “The Real Great Debate” found every Friday Evening beginning at 9pm on The Pocono Internet Broadcasting Company (PIBCO)* read his poem entitled, “A Tale of Topographic Oceans,” Ellen Bihler* who read her poem entitled, "More Shine," Norma Bernstock* read her poem entitled, “Hickory Hill Motel, Buttzville, NJ,” Debbie Burke* of Pocono Jazz and Poetry* read her poem entitled, “Problematic Mango,” Michael Wetmore* read his poem entitled, “Just One Day,” and the winner of the competition was John H Abel who read his poem entitled, “For Beverly.”

The Pocono Writers‘* Poetry Workshop meets the second Monday of every month with its next meeting scheduled for Monday November 9th at 7pm in the Community Room of The Eastern Monroe Public Library (EMPL)* in Stroudsburg, PA. The workshop invites poets who has a poem to be explored to have copies of their original poetry to be read by everyone present. After the poet’s reading, the group discusses and share their comments. Published and unpublished Poets are welcomed and encouraged to attend. Please Contact The Pocono Writers‘* Poetry Workshop at 484-221-3592 for more information and feel free to leave a voice mail message. You’ll find more photographs in The Forwardian Arts Society Dale's Poetry Festival 09 Gallery.

The websites and email addresses of those mentioned in the article are Dale’s Café* at, Edwin Romond at, Eric Becker* at, Abbie* at, Steve Truglio* of The Beaner and Weevil Show at, PIBCO* at, Debbie Burke* of Pocono Jazz and Poetry* at, and The Eastern Monroe Public Library (EMPL)* at

(*) denotes members of The Forwardian Arts Society in good standing and are considered Our Good Friends.

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