Saturday, January 31, 2009

Stasis Rocks The Sherman

The Sherman Theatre* in Stroudsburg, PA hosted The Stasis* Concert on Friday January 30th as part of its Independent Rock Series. Although the audience began as a very small group of friends, the soon grew in their number and appreciation of the music being presented as the night moved on. The bands that preceded Stasis* were Holding Higher*, Solace*, and The Gentlemen’s Club* each of whom prepared the audience for rocking sounds that were waiting to entreat them. Among those enjoying the show included Rich Berkowitz*, Bill Kelly* and Cheryl Yost* of The Sherman Theatre*.

The next events taking place at The Sherman Theatre will include their participation in the 3 day Winterfest 09 Celebration in Blue Grass music on Saturday January 31st from 11am until 12am (Note: The entire festival takes place from January 30th to February 1st. Please Call 570-424-2937 for details.), The Gallagher full Sledge-O-Matic Show on Friday February 6th at 8pm, The Natural Breakdown Concert with special guests Big Boss Sausage and The Big Dirty on Saturday February 7th at 8pm, and another night of horrors in The Sherman Theatre* Severed Sinema Series on Friday February 10th beginning at 7pm a Zombie Fest double feature presenting the films “Let Sleeping Corpses Lie” and the original “Night of the Living Dead.”

Please Explore The Sherman Theatre* Website for more information. You’ll find numerous photographs at The Forwardian Arts Society Stasis Rocks The Sherman Gallery at

(*) denotes members of The Forwardian Arts Society in good standing and are considered Our Good Friends.

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