Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A Weekend at Renegades

Photography by Paparazzi Paul.

On Friday January 13th and Saturday January 14th, The Renegade Urban Winery in Stroudsburg, PA officially established itself as an epicenter of places to be in the Pocono Region of Northeast PA. The weekend events included a Meet and Greet with the new Branch Executive Director of the Pocono Family YMCA, a Grand Opening Party, and music performed by some extraordinary musicians. The venue was filled wall to wall with members of the community and others as they conversed while sipping some mighty fine wine and munching on the delicious complimentary hors d’oeuvres provided by Momento’s Restaurant and Kathleen Lockwood. Vegan Burgers created by Diana Bezanski of Fogwood and Fig were also available for purchase throughout the weekend.

The weekend at The Renegade Urban Winery began on Friday January 13th with a Meet and Greet with Jodi Perry-Petrozak who is the new Branch Executive Director of The Pocono Family YMCA A profound sense of excitement filled the room as the eagerness to meet Ms. Perry-Petrozak heightened as she warmly greeted members of the gathering individually and in groups. Those who were fortunate enough to meet her came away with a warmth that emanated from their conversation with her along with a deeper appreciation for the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA).

It was as the day progressed did Guitarist Regina Sayles begin wooing the gathering with her extraordinary talent. Her powerful voice echoed throughout the corridors of the soul as the interpretations of each song she rendered revealed not only the composition's essences but those who delighted in the experiencing of it. A joyous display of rhythmic clapping of hands, mouths wording the lyrics of beloved songs, and dancing to abandonment spilled forth from the loving and appreciative hearts of the enraptured crowd that surrounded the Renegade Stage.

The festivities held on Friday January 13th continued late into the night which made it a very lucky day for the multitude who attended the event. A sense of anticipation filled their hearts as they eagerly awaited for the commencement of the following day's offerings that promised to extend the good feelings they felt. This promise would prove to not only be kept but to go beyond anyone's expectations.

The Renegade Urban Winery's Grand Opening Party was held on Saturday January 14th. An enormous gathering echoing the size of that on the previous day filled the establishment. An excitement swelled in the hearts of many as the time for the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony grew nearer. When it did arrive, a number of the gathering braved the cold in order to witness the historic event. Both ends of a very wide gold colored ribbon was held by the winery's owners and it was then did the Mayor of Stroudsburg, PA, Tarah Verwey Probst, share her remarks about the winery and it's ability to make the borough a more wonderful place to be. It was after the conclusion of her well received words did her honor move to cut the ribbon with the gold colored scissors she was given.

However, an elderly lady, who was unaware of the ceremony that was taking place, walked out of the establishment's door in order to enjoy the day's air. She found herself positioned between the winery's door and the ribbon. The situation moved her to express her pleasant surprise and her words placed a smile in the gathering's heart. It was spontaneously decided that she would share the honor of cutting the ribbon with the mayor. She did so and performed a little dance of delight while holding the scissors. She finished her dance, looked at the scissors in her hand, and asked, “Am I suppose to keep these?” It was then did someone smile and relieved her of them.

After the ceremony, the gathering re entered the winery in order to partake of the wonders the establishment provided. Delicious foods and wine were consumed as were the words of delectable conversations that were shared. An opportunity to have one's commemorative photograph taken was provided by Rockin' Photobooth Many individuals, couples, and groups eagerly took their place before the apparatus while the camera's enchanting operator shared her thoughtful advise on how they could help insure the best image possible could be captured. A great deal of picture sharing took place throughout the event as those who have been to the booth were eager to show off their enhanced photogenic qualities.

It was during all this did Guitarist Andrew Moses take the Renegade Stage. An eclectic assemblage of songs were met with a voice that gave each composition a dimension unprecieved by earlier experiences of them. Mr. Moses' renderings provided a new understanding of the work which allowed its meaningfulness to be rewritten on the souls of all who heard him.

Mr. Moses was scheduled to be followed on stage by Guitarist Zac Lawless and Guitarist Erin McClelland of The Erin McClelland Band However, due to the snow filled skies that began to cover the town's streets with whiteness, it was decided by some of the company to begin their journeys home to avoid any adverse road conditions that might occur. I was among the company to decide to go home and, reluctantly, I left the establishment just as Mr. Lawless was setting up. This was unfortunate but the time I had during my weekend at the winery shall linger in a special place within me for quite some time. As with the many great people I shared the events with, I look forward to their next opportunities to partake of some wonderful music, food, and wine. I hope to see you there as well. In the meantime, you'll find more photographs taken during the experience in The A Weekend at Renegades Gallery at

The Renegade Urban Winery is located at 600 Main Street in Stroudsburg, PA with their vineyards located in East Stroudsburg, PA. They are considered to be the first urban concept winery in the Pocono Mountains, PA Region. The next performance on their Renegade Stage will be given by The Kings of Queen Street Band on Friday January 20th. An Open Mic Event hosted by Andrew Moses takes place every Thursday evening beginning at 9pm. In addition to this the winery is currently showing The SOHO in the BURG's exhibition titled “A Pairing” which will remain on display until January 30th. Their next exhibition is scheduled to open Saturday February 11th and it's theme will be in keeping with the St. Valentine's Holiday. The venue will also hold a January Paint and Sip with Anna K on Thursday January 26th. You'll find more information The Renegade Urban Winery and all they have to offer by exploring their Website at or their Facebook Page at

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