Monday, November 21, 2016

The Opening the Art of Origins

Photography by Paparazzi Paul.

On Saturday November 19th, The Origins Gallery in Stroudsburg, PA sought to enhance the creative nature of those residing in the local community by holding an Open Studio during the Artists' Reception they held for their Open Studio and Arts Exhibition. A great number of people sat along the tables where pencils, brushes, paper, and other art related materials where placed in order to explore the boundaries of their imagination and go beyond its borders. The work of local artists were placed and on display throughout the gallery which contributed to their inspired endeavors as it did the conversation among those who enjoyed experiencing the images they discovered through their eyes and hearts.

Fascination with the art on display and the doings of those seated at the tables filled the modestly sized gathering until the appearance of Origin's Gallery Director, Jody Singer, whose very presence elevated the level of appreciation of all that was occurring throughout the venue. It was during this time did Mr. Singer welcome the crowd and shared news of what will be happening in the arts including those events taking place at the galley for the remainder of the year. It was after these revelations did he introduce the evening's musical guest.

It was with great pleasure among the gathering to see the return of Guitarist TC Carpenter to the Origins' Stage. The memories of his previous performance were not only rekindled through the music he shared but heightened by the sensory experience he conveyed through his delivery and interpretation of each composition. Mr. Carpenter shared a number of original compositions whose outstanding degree of quality compared well with those songs he sang that were created by other more established artists. You can learn more about TC Carpenter and his music by exploring his Facebook Page at

It was during Mr. Carpenter's performance did I take up some paper and coloring tools in order to expand my artistic horizons. I managed to create three images which received some fairly positive responses from the established artists I showed them to. I continue to appreciate their kind words and feel encouraged to explore this avenue of expression further. My experience brought to mind the meaningful purpose of the Open Studio concept which encourages those who perceive themselves as having little or no artistic abilities to discover what is lurking inside alongside experienced artists who lend their encouragement to the novice. Anyways, I completed my drawings just as Mr. Carpenter's performance was coming to an end and the gallery's famous art raffle was about to begin.

The many individuals who purchased raffle tickets throughout the evening eagerly eyed the pieces of paper between their fingers as the winning numbers were called out by Origin's Gallery Director, Jody Singer. The much coveted pieces donated for the event were held aloft by Nora Goodwin which made each item all the more desirable. A joy filled the room as the numbers signifying the winner were revealed and congratulatory sentiments were shared. It was after the final item was distributed did Mr. Singer speak upon the changes that are being planed for Origins before biding the gathering a fond farewell.

It was at this point was the crowd reminded of the gallery moving to a new location early in 2017. Mr. Singer then invited those present to take home books they would like to own from their free library in order to ease the gallery's transition from its present location to its new home. Many gathered around the shelves to select book from the literary genres they enjoy and took them home to explore their passages. It was soon after this did the venue's denizens bid each other adieu while looking forward to when they would gather again for the next event. You can view photographs taken during the Artists' Reception of the exhibit in The Opening the Art of Origins Gallery at

The Origins Gallery is a contemporary arts gallery who also offers classes and special events to the community. They're currently located on the lower level of The Gamers Edge Comics and Games Store at 580 Main St. in Stroudsburg, PA. The Open Arts Exhibition will be on display until December 14th. Their next events will be an acrylic painting workshop led by Maria Ferreris on Sunday November 27th and their Holiday Makers’ Market III scheduled for December 3rd and 4th. The next show to be on display will be their Black Canvas Exhibition II which will be their final one at their current venue. An Artists' Reception is scheduled for Saturday December 17th beginning at 6pm and all artists are invited to participate. The drop off dates are December 14th and 15th. You can learn more about The Origins Gallery including updates referring to the future of Origins and other news by exploring their Facebook Page at

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