Monday, January 18, 2016

We Sing The Weekend Eclectic

Among those who are often seen wandering around The Stroud Mall in Stroudsburg, PA, a group of multi-generational music lovers gathered in the mall's food court area on Saturday January 16th to participate in an event titled, “We Sing Weekend.” 60 people stood in front of a banner created by artists inhabiting the town's Origins Gallery as an audience numbering over 200 people waited to experience their voices. Bob Riday led the choir and the audience in an eclectic variety of sing-along compositions like “Row, Row, Row your boat,” “Rubber Ducky,” “This Old Man,” and “Hokey Pokey” while Donna Molan accompanied the assembly on piano. A delight was reflected in the voices and eyes of all who were present as the childlike joy that was embodied in each song touched their hearts.

TheWe Sing Weekend” endeavor actually began on Friday January 15th. Prior to the Stroud Mall event, a large number of music lovers shared sing-along songs with over 250 Seniors Citizens who resides in senior communities located throughout the Monroe County, PA area. Many of these singers were part of the event at The Stroud Mall along with others whose desire to share their voices came to join. I did not attend the sing ins at the senior communities but, if the experience at the Saturday performance can be used as an faithful indication of their qualities, it could be reasonably surmised that the senior community performances were highly enjoyable. You'll be able to find more photographs taken during the “We Sing Weekend” held at The Stroud Mall in the We Sing The Weekend Eclectic Gallery at

The We Sing Weekend” initiative was begun by Tassy Gilbert and Gary Raish as they realized that everyone likes to sing and everyone has a voice. And, sing along songs were compositions mostly everyone knew and could easily sing. So, an invitation was issued to the community a few weeks prior to the event encouraging anyone who loved to sing to join. Joining promised a wide degree of flexibility as there were no rehearsals scheduled for weekend event and there were no restriction regarding the age one could be to participate nor were there any thought given to the level of singing experience one had. All one had to do was to show up and sing.

A wonderful blending of voices came together enhancing the community building qualities of the songs they performed. I found the afternoon at The Stroud Mall to be a very pleasing one as I enjoyed being reminded of songs taught to me as a child in elementary school and on records my parents bought me during my preschool years. A hope that there will be other such community sing ins scheduled for the future was shared by all who were present. The leaders of the endeavor indicated there will be a number of them but they were currently in the planning stages. But, it was anticipated such plans would be solidified soon. You can learn more about We Sing Weekend” and future events by exploring their Facebook Group at or by emailing Gary Raish at and Tassy Gilbert at

Photography by Paparazzi Paul.

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