Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Festive Depot for the Winter

The Borough of East Stroudsburg, PA and The EastBurg Community Alliance held their Annual Winter Fest at the town's Historic Dansbury Depot on Saturday December 12th. The unseasonably warm weather met a modest gathering of local citizens as they shared the spirit of the season with one another. The blessings of the temperature allowed for a great deal of enjoyment of the festival both inside the depot and out.

Inside the depot was a Garden Miniature Railroad Display, several items related to the depot and The EastBurg Community Alliance were for sale, and a display of artistic work created by students enrolled in The Lehman Township, PA Intermediate School's 8th Grade. The exhibit is titled, “Confessions” and the work is a result of students anonymously writing their secrets on a piece of paper. Their words were later drawn randomly in a lottery by an artist who would utilize the secret as inspiration for the image he/she would create. The work was very well done and those who viewed it felt the energies of youth as well as the thoughtful contemplation of each revelation embodied in each brush stroke.

Outside the depot a choir of friends gathered to share their rendition of a number of seasonal songs. Each tune lifted the heart of the listener toward a higher altitude than the previous one allowing the full blessing of the holiday to populate the soul. There were also many vendors lining the sidewalk and grassy areas that enticed several individuals to partake of their wares in preparation to the gift giving traditions that are associated with the season.

These vendors included Veli Naturals whose beautification products are organic, raw, and unrefined, Pure Romance as represented by Danielle Comerford whose products are designed to empower, educate, and entertain couples, Daisy Mae Crochet whose fabric designs are certain to warm one both inside and out, Cowboy and Angel who shared their jewelry and leather products, Jamberry beauty products as represented by Mandie Adones, Bath Fitter as represented by Alicia Summers, Mid Atlantic Waterproofing as represented by Duke, representatives from Anderson Windows and Doors, and Little Italy Cookies that tasted all so good. Meeting the vendors and learning of their love for their merchandise proved to be very enjoyable. The music from the choir enhanced the experience and helped make the festival a very festive occasion.

In addition to the vendors and choral music, tours of the depot's train tower and Horse Drawn Carriage Rides provided by Sugar Mountain Carriages were taking place throughout the day. Hot dogs were being cooked for those whose hunger for the victuals stood in line awaiting their sustenances and Santa came to visit all the children of all ages who were present. The festival was scheduled to end with a Tree Lighting Ceremony which I wasn’t able to attend. But, by accounts shared with me by those who were present during previous occasions, it was sure to had been an uplifting experience to commence the holiday season. You’ll find more photographs taken during the day in the A Festive Depot for the Winter Gallery at

The Eastburg Community Alliance was established over 30 years ago by local leaders and business owners and is funded through a combination of local grants, direct fund raising, memberships, and local contributions. Besides their Annual Winter Fest, The EastBurg Community Alliance and The Historic Dansbury Depot in East Stroudsburg, PA will host a fun-spirited wine and appetizer social and art show on Wednesday December 16th beginning at 6pm featuring artwork on loan from private collectors of scenic locales from around the world along with music provided by the Mountain Winds Ensemble. You’ll be able to learn more about The Eastburg Community Alliance and what they offer to the community by visiting their Facebook Page at or their Website at

Photography by Paparazzi Paul.

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