Saturday, November 14, 2015

NCC OMN Very Deja Brew

An Open Mic Night was held in and presented by the Deja Brew Coffeehouse on Thursday November 12th. The establishment is located in the Pocono Hall which is part of The Northampton Community College's (NCC) Monroe Campus in Tannersville, PA. The dining area of the hall was filled to capacity as a number of very talented individuals blessed the microphone as their friends and classmates cheered them on. A coffee/dessert bar and an opportunity to win a raffle was provided throughout the evening with proceeds benefiting the Stephanie Rivera Scholarship Fund. Comedians who are enrolled in NCC, Chris Jones, P. J. Nolan, and Brandon Rivera, served as the evening's co-hosts.

The night began with members of the co hosting trio sharing their welcoming remarks before introducing the first performer to an eager audience. Jason DiGaetano and his guitar took the stage accompanied by a voice that flowed gently upon each note. He was followed by co host Chris Jones who shared his comedic view on life as he would do so during the course of the night. He was followed by Jeanie Racano who sang a song that was enhanced by her pleasant voice which inspired the rhythmic clicking of fingers. She was followed by co host Brandon Rivera who shared his comedic view which he continued to do so throughout the evening. He was followed by Rashad Thomas who shared his poem titled, “December” which relayed the sensation of finding a warm forest in the midst of a cold environment.

Rashad was followed by Marie J. Pearson who sang to a recording of the song titled, “Someone Like You” by Adele. Although the voice of the original singer could be heard, Ms. Pearson's powerful vocals pierced through to penetrate the soul of each listener. She was followed by co host P. J. Nolan who shared poetry that touched the many hues of roses and violets. He was followed by Winter Porty who took the stage by storm with her Ukulele and proceeded to woo the gathering with her beautiful and haunting voice. She was followed by Sarah James whose abbreviated A Capella rendition of the song “Fever” proved to be no less sultry than it's original presentation.

Ms. James was followed by Mike Chung who moved the crowd with his voice as much of his repertoire was embraced by those who sung along. He was followed by a comedian whose name I don't recall but brought much laughter to the crowd. He was followed by Ashley Longabardi whose voice gave a unique depth to the song she sung. She was followed by Kaye Ofoso whose gentle yet piercing voice touched each heart as the universal essence of each song echoed throughout the room. Mr. Ofoso was accompanied on piano by Jonathan Cole and joined in song by the comedian who performed before he did.

It was after this did co host Brandon Rivera invite members of the audience to make jokes about him in which the comedian whose name I don't recall joined him upon the stage and brought even more laughter to the audience. This was followed by a thoughtful performance by a rapper known as Kenza Benza whose explorations of the dreams as the sources of reality enhanced the countenance of the gathering. She was followed by a duet known as Sam and Doug who sang with a loving truth that faithfully reflected the properties of the song written by the US country music group known as Lady Antebellum. They were followed by Cody Edman on vocals and Jason DiGaetano on piano as the former sang a popular tune whose title I don't recall but was intimately embraced by the crowd who joyfully demonstrated their affinity for it and his rendition of it.

They were followed by Annalise Browne who sung a song with a tenderness that transcended its lyrics and wrote her interpretation of them upon the souls of her listeners. She was followed by a duet know as Kiki (Virgina Tassone) and Ellie (Chung) whose combined voices lent themselves to reveal the deeper meanings of the song. They were followed by some words regarding the event given by Anthony Giedman who then proceeded to sing the song titled, “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” which was composed by Elton John and Tim Rice for Disney's 1994 animated film “The Lion King.” The singing of the song was accompanied by an emotional bonding between the audience and he as many members held up lights to guide the lyrics to their eonian home.

Mr. Giedman's performance was followed by a raffle in which co hosts, Chris Jones and P. J. Nolan, pulled and read each ticket's number to a crowd who anticipated each digit that was named. The winners shared their audible glee as the final sequence was uttered and joyfully came upon the stage to collect their prize. This was followed by some parting words lovingly shared by P. J. Nolan and an encore performance was given by Mike Chung. The evening concluded with some closing sentiments given by Steven Davanzo. It was a great night highlighted by a supportive audience for some very talented singers and comedians. You’ll find more photographs taken during the event in The NCC OMN Very Deja Brew Gallery at

The Deja Brew Coffeehouse's Open Mic Night was a fund raising event for the Stephanie Rivera Scholarship Fund. The fund was established by the student population to honor the memory of Stephanie Rivera who perished in a car accident in 2009 just prior to graduating from Northampton Community College. The fund provides a number of students per semester with a $300 scholarships which helps them to with their college related expenses. All proceeds from the event benefited the fund which is entirely administered by the students who have discretion on the scholarship criteria and the selection process. You'll find more information about The Deja Brew Coffeehouse by exploring their Facebook Profile at

Northampton Community College (NCC) was establishment in 1967 in the Lehigh Valley area of PA so local residents could earn a college degree, access workforce training, learn new leisure activities, and bring their children for enrichment without the need to travel long distances. NCC has since grown to include a number of campuses composed of a student body that is diverse in terms of age, ethnicity, income, and academic interest for which they seek to provide excellent, accessible and, comprehensive learning experiences in partnership with the communities they serve. These campuses include their Bethlehem, PA Campus and their The Monroe Campus in Tannersville, PA. NCC also has centers in which individuals can enhance their skills to better their lives. They include The Fowler Family Southside Bethlehem, PA Center and the Pike and Wayne County Center located in Honesdale, PA. You can learn more about Northampton Community College and all it offers to the community by exploring their Facebook Page at or their Website at

Photography by Paparazzi Paul.

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